Wheeling, W. VA (WTRF) – Star loves and astronomy gazers listen up! Another eclipse is expected for the year, this time a Total Lunar Eclipse for the area.

This lunar eclipse is also expected to turn the moon red, also called a “Blood Moon”. The reason for this name, it is based solely off the color the Moon looks when the eclipse is full.

Picture of the Moon across the Ohio Valley.

We have also talked about the various moon phases for each month. The first full moon for the month of May is called the Flower Moon, representing all the flowers that start to bloom during the month.

The eclipse is set to start in the late evening hours on May 15th and carryover to May 16th.

The exact times are as followed:

Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 9:32 PM May 15th.

Full Eclipse Begins: 11:29 PM May 15th.

Maximum Eclipse: 12: 11 AM May 16th.

Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 2:50 AM May 16th.

The good news, this is expected to be fully visible across Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Now, will this event be visible?

In regards to the forecast, maybe not….

Cloud cover and possible showers early Sunday morning.

There will be incremental chances for rain as we head into the weekend. Spotty in nature will be the showers with patchy clouds around.

It will not be a complete bust just yet, but the odds are not looking too favorable at the moment.