Marietta Police Department responded to a call on May 21 around 11:15 p.m. of a disturbance in an apartment building.

Officers arrived at the scene and found 23-year-old Abraham Olvera inside the apartment receiving medical attention from a family member.

Officers observed that Olvera had a large laceration on his abdomen and they immediately provided first aid until the Marietta Fire arrived.

Olvera was transported to a hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased.

Through investigation and witness statements it was learned that a physical altercation between 34-year-old Isaac Hernandez Diaz and the brother of Abraham Olvera had occurred shortly before the stabbing outside of the apartments in the parking lot.

Isaac Hernandez Diaz returned back to his apartment with 41-year-old Oscar Hernandez Diaz, where Oscar armed himself with a katana style sword and Isaac armed himself with a large wooden stake.

Oscar and Isaac Hernandez Diaz then returned to the residence of Olvera and his family and began breaking the windows out of Olvera’s apartment.

Oscar Hernandez Diaz, still armed with the sword, stabbed Abraham Olvera with the sword as he stood in front of his bedroom window.

After the pair broke every window out of the apartment, they returned to the apartment they shared.

The reported sword that was used during the incident was located inside the residence belonging to Isaac and Oscar Hernandez Diaz.

Oscar Hernandez Diaz was charged with one count of murder and Isaac Hernandez Diaz was charged with one count of complicity in the murder of Abraham Olvera.