WESTLAKE, Ohio (WJW) — Westlake police officers responded Tuesday evening to a “frantic” call from a woman claiming she was threatened with a knife by a man in a horror-themed mask.

They arrested a 66-year-old grandfather wearing a Michael Myers mask and carrying a fake knife and toy gun, who said it was all part of a game with his grandson, according to a news release from Westlake police Capt. Gerald Vogel.

“I’m playing with my grandson. We’re chasing each other around,” the North Olmsted man told police officers while they arrested him, guns drawn.

The woman told police the man approached her car at a plaza near the intersection of King James Parkway and Center Ridge Road before 7 p.m. on Wednesday and brandished the plastic knife, “saying something to the effect of ‘Let’s go,'” before leaving on foot and hiding behind other vehicles and bushes.

She noted he had a small boy with him.

Officers caught up with him walking with the boy near the intersection of Center Ridge and Dover Center roads. Body camera video shows an officer jump out from the car with pistol drawn.

The man was still wearing the mask. Officers found a toy handgun in his pocket, and he also admitted to having a plastic knife.

“Evidently, the 66-year-old was taking care of his 6-year-old grandson when he decided to play a ‘game’ with the child,” Vogel wrote. “Neither the victim, who called 911 immediately, nor the officers found the game entertaining.”

The man was taken to the Westlake jail and booked on an aggravated menacing charge. The boy was taken home to his parents, who live nearby.