Cadiz, OH. (WTRF) – The games took place at Harrison Central High School. The first game of the day was between Monroe Central and Steubenville Catholic. We’ll start in the fourth quarter, the Crusaders were up 1. Monroe Central gets the turnover. Bishop had the awareness and catches the orange under the basket. The wide open layup is good to give the Noles a 1 point lead.

Next possession for the Crusaders, Zada looked smooth from mid-range. It was 35-34 Catholic Central there. The Crusaders went on to win 47-37.

Next up was the Class 3 A between Linsly and Fort Frye; Cadets vs. Cadets.

It was really Fort Frye all of the way, but, in the 3rd quarter, Edge looked sharp from midrange. The “orange” Cadets in the game still trailed by 15. Linsly was having trouble scoring the ball

Archer, the last name suited there. A deep three for Fort Frye and the “blue” cadets continued to impress up 16.

Fort Frye continued to roll and won 42-28.

Next was Oak Glen vs. Union Local.

The J-E-T-S were on a roll in this one. It came down with a defensive rebound in the 4th quarter. Vinksovich was there for the breakaway layup and Union Local was up a modest 42.

Hannah Merritt shot a 3 ball that certainly had some merit.

The Jets were untested ad won 77-36.

A game a lot of people in the Valley had its eyes on was Wheeling Park and Morgantown. This game did not disappoint.

In the early 4th quarter, Jordan went coast to coast for the Mohigans. Nice defense by Park but good moves for 2 points.

Woods went over to Sophie Abraham for Park. It was a big bucket to give the Patriots the lead.

However, Morgantown won a doozy 49-48.

The final game of the day was 1-A Beallsville vs. Cameron. The Dragons were out to a big lead at half. The Dragons were no good on a three point try. Van Tassel grabbed the offensive rebound and scored.

Nice ball movement by the Dragons and a three ball by Emily Dobbs made it 42-18.

Cameron won big 66-33.