Wheeling, W, Va. (WTRF) – The All-Star game Media Day was held at Wheeling University Monday afternoon. This is the first time that the players have stayed and practiced at the school since 1999. The 66 players are becoming more familiar with each other and took to the practice field for the first time.

One interesting player is Wheeling Central Catholic’s Ayden Baker who was selected to the game after playing only his senior season for the Knights. For Ohio, St. Clairsville’s Drew Sefsick will get some time at quarterback after his former teammate Tyler Tonkovich did the same last year.

“…Being able just to play 1 year and this 1 year I kind of came out with the expectation that it will be fun. You know, I didn’t come out thinking I was going to get D-1 offers and being able to go to 2 all-star games and all of these other things that have come along with it,” Wheeling Central Catholic’s Ayden Baker said.

“If feels great but I’m not the only one on my team. There’s a couple of other players on my team so I’m happy for them too but I came to injury for my knee but I decided to have some physical therapy but now I’m back. It’s football season for a week.,” St. Clairsville’s Drew Sefsick said.