PITTSBURGH, PA – Divers from Adventures with Purpose and Chaos Drivers were scouring the Ohio and Monongahela Rivers on Saturday to find answers and find closure to cold cases and have already found an unexpected discovery.

News outlets say in looking for 2 separate missing persons, 70-year-old Janet Walsh, missing since 2020, and 78-year-old Bunnie Lee, who was reported missing in 2013; they found a submerged Tod Diminno, a 54-year-old from Harmony, PA, in a car not far from the Mr. Rogers statue. Diminno has been missing since September 28.

Hoping to find more clues to help families find closure, AWP’s lead diver, Doug Bishop, says that this is the 26th case they’ve solved in 2 years. Bishop was encouraged by the more than 100 vehicles that they have found underwater. “Organized crime from over the years of car dumping and so forth can really be the only thing that could explain so many cars within such a region,” Bishop said.

Bunny Lee’s son spoke to reporters by phone sharing, “You have to make some assumptions after, you know, nine years that maybe he’s not with us anymore, so you never really get closure.” The divers will be vigilant as they comb the depths looking for other victims.