One of the most popular rides at Kennywood Park had riders stranded upside down on Monday.

The video has been going viral on social media, where one user says riders were stuck upside for at least 15 minutes on the Aero 360

In a statement to media outlets, Kennywood said the Aero 360 was quickly put back to its designated rest position

“Safety is our first and foremost priority,” Kennywood’s statement said. “The ride remains closed while a review of the incident is conducted.”

Three of the riders went to the First Aid Center once they came off the ride.

Kennywood’s website describes the Aero 360 as an intense ride ‘With legs dangling, riders swing back and forth attached to a familiar yellow symbol—the Kennywood Arrow! The arrows swing higher and higher with each pendulum motion, culminating in a 360 degree over-the-top experience.’