PITTSTON, Penn. (WBRE/WYOU) — Police in Pennsylvania have filed charges against a driver accused of doing a “pit maneuver” which caused another motorist to crash into a building earlier this month.

Investigators believe the suspect was driving a red Kia behind a white Jaguar through the city of Pittston. At one point, the Kia driver attempted to pass the Jaguar in a right-turn-only lane with no success, according to police.

After failing to pass the Jaguar, police said the driver of the Kia began to continuously honk his horn and speed up to the rear of the Jaguar.

A passenger in the Jaguar exited the car at the next red light, according to the driver of the Kia, who further claimed the passenger appeared to have a gun on his hip. Both men exchanged words, before the Jaguar’s passenger returned to the vehicle and the Jaguar drove off, police said.

Shortly afterward, the Jaguar’s occupants heard the Kia’s engine “roar” at another intersection, the driver said. As the Jaguar began driving, the driver of the Kia hit the side of the Jaguar — attempting something of a “pit maneuver,” police noted — with the intention of causing a car accident, according to an affidavit. The Jaguar subsequently crashed into a barbershop.

Witnesses on the scene told police that the suspect attempted to drive off after causing the crash. Police spoke with the Kia driver and allowed him to leave.

The suspect is now facing four counts of aggravated assault with an attempt to cause serious injury, three counts of aggravated assault with intent to cause injury with a deadly weapon, and 18 other related charges.