A Pennsylvania man is charged with murder for allegedly shooting his cousin twice before dragging his body into a hole, burying his body under tires, and then burning his body.

State police announced that Derek Louk is charged with first and third-degree murder, criminal homicide, aggravated assault, abuse of a corpse, and other related charges reported WJAC.

An anonymous tip came into troopers about the possible murder of Tyler Matthai stating that Louk had struck his cousin Matthai while Matthai was attacking his girlfriend.

The tip continued to explain that Matthai had died and they had burned his body, reported WJAC.

According to investigators, Matthai and his girlfriend were said to be staying at her grandmother’s but when troopers reached out to the grandmother she told them that they hadn’t been staying there, in fact, the granddaughter had moved out in March.

The grandmother told troopers that she had received a call from another woman who explained that she was told by Matthai’s girlfriend that Louk had killed Matthai by shooting him while he was attacking her at Louk’s home.

The girlfriend told the woman that Louk warned Matthai not to hit her again or he would shoot him and when Matthai struck her Louk shot him, according to the criminal complaint reported WJAC.

The girlfriend continued to tell the woman that Louk had shot Matthai in the arm and then began to do drugs which caused him to overdose and die.

Troopers took Louk into custody where he explained that he knew about Matthai and the girlfriend’s abusive relationship so when the girlfriend called him he let her stay at his house but in the early morning of April 26, Matthai came into the house and began physically abusing her, according to a criminal complaint.

According to the complaint, Louk grabbed his AR-15 and threatened to shoot Matthai if he didn’t stop.

Louk then shot Matthai in the arm and then in the back killing him, reported WJAC.

Louk then dragged Matthai’s body to the yard, placed his body in the ground, put tires on top of him, covered him in kerosene, and then set his body on fire.

Louk said the fire burned for six hours.

Louk is being held in the Bedford County Prison.