(WTRF) A Pennsylvania woman was arrested after she allegedly tried to drown her 1-year-old daughter.

WPXI reports that 22-year-old Rainelle Wolfe is facing felony charges of child abuse after she allegedly got angry and held her daughter’s head underwater after the toddler ‘soiled’ herself.

It’s reported that the incident happened at Druery Hotel in Robinson Township and a witness claimed that the mother also slapped the toddler twice in the stomach after the baby ‘soiled’ herself.

The witness claims the mother told the baby to ‘shut the **** up’ and the baby was coughing water out of her nose and mouth after it was coming back up for air, the outlet reports.

Wolf also allegedly left the child alone in the tub while the water was running.

When Wolfe was arrested, police say she was under the influence.

The news outlet reports that friends of the mother say her children were always dirty and smelly when they stayed with them