The Philly Pretzel Factory corporate office released the following statement Monday regarding a former Monroeville, Pa. franchisee, Brian Schlagel, who allegedly sold prescription pills out of the store:

As a result of the alleged illegal behavior and arrest of one of our franchisees, Philly Pretzel Factory is terminating its franchise relationship with Mr. Schlagel.

His alleged acts are in direct violation of our franchise agreement. Mr. Schlagel independently owns and operates the Monroeville location, and his franchise rights to own and operate any Philly Pretzel Factory stores have been terminated. A transition plan for the ownership and operations of this location is currently in process.

Please know we do not condone this type of behavior and pride ourselves on providing a safe environment for all our customers and team members.

We remain shocked by this individual’s alleged behavior, stand by our zero-tolerance policy, and want to extend our deepest apologies to everyone impacted. We are fully cooperating with the local police department to assist in any way possible as they investigate this matter.

The owner of a pretzel store was arrested for allegedly selling drugs out of his store.

Brian Schlagel, the owner of Philly Pretzel Factory on Route 22 in Monroeville allegedly sold prescription pills out of the store according to KDKA.

Schlagel allegedly sold the pills through the drive-thru window and was called by a suspect as the ‘biggest pill dealer’ in the area.

Schlagel is facing charges of possession with intent to deliver, prohibited acts, and tampering with evidence.