(WTRF) A post made on a school Pennsylvania school district page, that has since been deleted, told students about a high school’s rules regarding snacks brought to school.

As of Monday, The Aliquippa Junior-Senior High School is limiting snacks brought into the school because the district said excessive amounts of snacks are being brought into the school.

The excessive items include: bags full of chips, bottled and canned drinks, candy, etc.

The district said in the post that students could bring a 4 oz. bag with snacks but none of the items are allowed to be opened. The district said if they are open or if a student has more than the allowed amount security or faculty will throw the snacks out.

The post ended with saying that if a student packs a lunch the same guidelines will be followed.

A District Superintendent told WPXI that the snacks were limited because students were trading food which caused distractions.