(WTRF) A woman in Pennsylvania is being charged with manslaughter after she was found ‘slumped over’ on her newborn baby, Pennsylvania State Police say.

PA state police say authorities were called for a report of an unresponsive 6-day-old boy.

Life-saving measures were used but Xander Ray Reed was pronounced dead less than 13 hours after he and his mother, Destinee Griffin-Bailey come home from Chambersburg Hospital.

The results of the autopsy said Xander died from positional asphyxia, that’s when a baby is in a position where they cannot breathe.

The mother, Destinee Griffin-Bailey told police that she took a drug she claimed was ‘scramble’ and was feeding the baby a bottle and she also showed police how she sat with her legs crossed with the baby on her lap and ‘slumped over’ him while holding the bottle in his mouth.

“Scramble” is described as a combination of heroin and/or fentanyl and other substances, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Griffin-Bailey said she woke and found the baby unresponsive still with a bottle in Xander’s mouth.

Griffin-Bailey also said she used narcotics during her pregnancy and that Xander was going through withdrawal.

Griffin-Bailey is in the  Franklin County Jail.