PITTSBURGH (WTRF) – An Allegheny County judge has allegedly been harassed by a Pittsburgh man who is facing multiple charges, according to CBSNews.

The Allegheny County Sheriff Kevin M. Kraus stated that John Rehak, 62, had parked a vehicle on the street where the judge resides. On the top of the car there was a sign that accused the judge of being racist, abusing power, and other accusations. 

When deputies arrived, they examined the vehicle finding multiple cameras inside of it that were pointed toward the judge’s home. 

While searching with a warrant, the deputies didn’t find explosive materials in the car. 

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It was realized that Rehak has an ongoing case involving this particular judge and had already been warned to stop sending personal emails, and that he needed to communicate through an attorney with the judge.

Sheriff Kraus stated to a KDKA reporter that one of the most important duties for their office is to ensure the safety of judges, their homes and their staffs. He continued by adding that if a judge is targeted, his department will hold people accountable for any inappropriate or unlawful acts.

Rehak is facing charges of obstructing or impeding the administration of justice and harassment.