WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)–For the Pittsburgh Pirates home opener, dedicated fans piled into the city for the big game.  

With this new season comes new opportunities.  

Yinzers are excited to see fresh faces on the rosters but even more thrilled to see a Bucs fan favorite, Andrew McCutchen back repping black and gold.  

The Pirates headed into the 2023 home opener 4-2 , ready to wrestle with the Chicago White Sox. 

The tradition of families coming together to the first game in Pittsburgh is alive and well. 

Not only are Pittsburghers filling up the stadium, but plenty of fans from the Ohio Valley made the trip in a well.  

I mean it’s amazing it’s the best stadium and it is so much fun for the kids and the family. It’s just a wonderful tradition…I mean I hope we keep going. It would be wonderful to have a great winning season and I’m just looking for to going to the games and having awesome weather and a win for the Pirates.

Kim Rectenwald, Wheeling Native

You know were excited for McCutchen to come back and were excited for everything.

Bri Hollis, Pirates fan 

Two huge innings for Pittsburgh changed the direction of the game.  

The Pirates racked up nine runs between the 4th and 5th securing their lead over Chicago.  

The Pirates managed 19 hits, two of those were from McCutchen.  

Connor Joe had four hits and Brian Reynolds secured 6 RBIs for the Bucco. 

The Pirates defeat the White Sox 13-9. 

A great way to start things off here in Pittsburgh and Pirates fans are ready for the ride.