WEIRTON, W.Va. (WTRF) – He’s being remembered as an extraordinary man; not just for the greatest play in NFL history, but also for the way he gave back to Pittsburgh. 

Franco Harris was a person so many people have fond memories of meeting. 

One of the people who count themselves fortunate to have known him is Weirton artist Tempy Moore. 

When you think of Pittsburgh and the Immaculate Reception you of course think of Franco Harris.

Tempy Moore, Artist

You may know Tempy Moore’s name because of all the work she’s done with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins. 

Tempy said Franco Harris was actually the first NFL player she met 10-years ago while displaying her work at a show in Virginia.

As Tempy and her husband Scott recall, it was a sketch she did of Myron Cope that attracted Harris’s attention as he walked around the show with Jack Lambert.

He then commissioned Tempy to make a painting of the Immaculate Reception for his office at his Super Bakery.  

He liked it so much I guess that he wanted to do prints and do it for his charity for the Penn State THON.

Tempy Moore, Artist.

Tempy said the original print of that design remained with Harris.

Steelers Hall-of-Famer Franco Harris dead at 72

She remembers that first meeting with him, saying she was timid and wishes now she would have gotten a photo with Harris.

Her husband, Scott Moore, describes Franco as soft-spoken, easy-going and very humble.

The piece Tempy created for Franco is a painting, and not her typical chalk pastel design. In fact, it’s the only painting she has ever done. To create it, she used the iconic statue at the Pittsburgh International Airport for reference because there weren’t many photos she could find of the Immaculate Reception that matched the vision in her head.

Tempy was also able to collaborate with Frenchy Fuqua on an “Immaculate Reception” t-shirt in recent years. 

Scott tole 7News that Franco and Frenchy talked every year on the anniversary of that iconic play.

It just made everybody proud to be a Pittsburgher. It made Italian people proud. It made Pittsburghers proud and it definitely made Steelers fans proud. He’ll definitely be a large void to fill. There’s only one Franco.

Scott Moore, Tempy’s Husband

Tempy and Scott said they saw Franco several times in the years since then and remember that he always wanted to know what he could do to help others he met. 

They join with all of Steeler nation across the country this weekend in remembering the life of Franco Harris. 

It really is an immaculate thing now.

Scott Moore, Tempy’s Husband