The NFL world stopped on Monday January 2nd after Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest against the Cincinnati Bengals after he made a tackle.

Hamlin was given CPR on the field for 10 minutes

Six days after the incident, the Steelers are receiving some backlash after they did a celebration that mimicked a CPR simulation

With not much left to play in the game, Pittsburgh linebacker Alex Highsmith sacked Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

As Highsmith laid on the ground, a teammate was filmed rushing over to congratulate him before performing a mock chest compression on Highsmith.


After the video was posted, a lot of fans took to social media to express their rage with the celebration.

‘Classic trash,’ ‘Read the room, as a Steelers fan, I’m embarrassed’ ‘I pray you never actually need CPR, if you did, or someone you love did, you would be heartbroken by this,’ were some of the reactions from fans.

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cleveland Browns, 28-14, on Sunday to finish the 2022 regular season with a winning record but missed the playoffs.

Hamlin was awake on Sunday watching the Buffalo Bills defeat the New England Patriots.