PITTSBURGH, PA (WTRF)–The Pittsburgh Steelers welcome their 2023 draft picks and undrafted free agents to the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex for a three-day rookie minicamp.

Several first-year players and others were invited to participate in camp totaling 51 players.

***Steelers Rookie Minicamp Roster***

Steelers’ first-round draft pick Broderick Jones says he’s looking forward to getting to know his possible future teammates and working hard to get there.

“Yeah man it feels great to just be out here with the guys, grinding, getting it in. I’m just ready to get it going. See what everybody got. See what I can do. You know make it work… I don’t feel like it will be easy, but I don’t think it’s going to be extremely hard…just something I need to get comfortable with.” 

Broderick Jones, First-round draft pick, Offensive tackle 

Linebacker Nick Herbig says he’s coming into camp with an open mind and is just happy to be there.

“Just being in the NFL first of all is a dream come true in itself but to be able to play with my best friend, my brother, that’s like a whole other world. The chances of that happening…I don’t know what the chances are but…like you said man I’m just happy to be here.”  

Nick Herbig, Linebacker

Joey Porter Jr. says stepping out on the Steelers practice field was nostalgic for him.

“Yeah definitely. I soaked it all in. It took me like three minutes to get outside because I was just standing in the locker room but yeah, I did that whole little scene and prayed and just looked out through the whole field and thought dang I used to really be out here as a middle schooler, as a person in high school and now I’m really out here.” 

Joey Porter Jr., Cornerback

Tight end Darnell Washington is coming from the University of Georgia. He says his college team really helped prepare him for the NFL.

“I say Georgia was a program where we ran pro-style offense in a way. It’s just different terminology so I just got to remember what we called at Georgia isn’t…just need to switch the terminology. Things like that but pretty much but I’d say I’m a quick learner.”  

Darnell Washington, Tight End

Keeanu Benton says he likes the Steelers mentality, and he already feels like family.

“Even through just with the walk throughs you feel that sense of urgency that we had at Wisconsin, and I don’t expect anything to be different because when you want to be great you have to have that sense of urgency. You’ve got to have that care for each other, and I love how family oriented it is here.” 

Keeanu Benton, Defensive Tackle

The Steelers rookie minicamp will continue over the next two days.