Joe Maldonado, known as ‘Joe Exotic’ and ‘Tiger King’ has reached out for some help. Recently, he penned a letter to former Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

In the letter, Joe starts out by saying ‘Hey Ben, not sure if you have heard of me or not, its Joe Exotic The Tiger King, and as you know the United States has kidnapped me.’

Tiger King says in his letter that his stepson is a huge fan and that he promised his stepson an autographed jersey. Joe even went on to say ‘he thinks you are the **** and he holds you to a pretty big pedestal.’

Joe claims he saw one on eBay for $600 but he doesn’t have the money to buy it for his stepson’s birthday.

If you want to read the full letter you can do so here

No word if Ben has reached out or responded to the ‘Tiger King.’