PITTSBURGH – The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency recently awarded more than $27 million to local law enforcement agencies, nonprofits and other community safety-focused organizations throughout the region, the state House Allegheny County Democratic Delegation.

“These investments will play a fundamental role in reducing crime across Allegheny County,” said state Rep. Nick Pisciottano, delegation chair. “I applaud everyone who helped connect these tax dollars to essential programs in our communities. I look forward to continuing to exhaust every possible funding opportunity that will increase the safety and well-being of all county residents.”

The following were among the many PCCD grants distributed across the county:

  • $17.6 million to Pittsburgh City for portable radios and related hardware.
  • $2.3 million to the Allegheny County chief executive officer to reduce violent crime in the county.
  • $1.8 million to the Center for Victims, which provides critical support and services to victims of all crimes.
  • $740,000 to Duquesne City law enforcement for digital surveillance cameras, and associated equipment; automatic license plate readers and associated equipment; drone; IT server for storage; associated costs to install equipment.
  • $809,000 to Wilkinsburg Borough for upgrades to records management system; in-car cameras; mobile data terminals; retention bonuses; surveillance cameras; server upgrades.

More information and a full list of PCCD grants awarded can be found here.