(WTRF) — The set of “American Rust” is in need of a man and his four-legged friend.

The position of a “Man and Dog” are being requested for a neighborhood scene on the set of “American Rust” on December 5.

The dog must be highly obedient, good with following commands, not a barker and not nervous around people. The dog must also be up-to-date on all vaccinations and have documented proof.

The pay is $175.00 for a less than 12 hour day, on the set of the show that is filming in the East end of Pittsburgh. Applicants are asked not to apply if they have been already booked on the show.

Interested parties are asked to send a picture of themselves, and one of the dog, to mosserextras@gmail.com with the subject line “MAN AND DOG” along with your name, location, phone number, height, weight, and the dog’s name, breed, age and if you can provide the dog’s proof of vaccinations.