PITTSBURGH (WTRF) — Work crews providing assistance to people being asked to leave a homeless encampment in Pittsburgh’s North Side, didn’t realize that a homeless woman was still taking up residence in a tent when they began to it clear out, according to a report by WPXI.

Multiple sources told reporters that a front loader operator began scooping up the tents that workers assumed were already empty and tossed them into dump trucks to haul away.

The Stockton Avenue area was cleared out and then fenced off to keep the area secure from more homeless entering.

The homeless woman began screaming and had poked her head out of the tent.

Then she fell to the ground.

Reporters interviewed sources that say it was approximately six to eight feet of a fall. Medical assistance was offered, but the woman declined, got up, and walked away from the scene.

A spokesperson for the county state that the county outreach workers were not involved in “clearing” the homeless camp, but to provide assistance and resources to any homeless that were displaced.

A representative for Mayor Ed Gainey’s administration said that a review is underway to determine what went happened.

Maria Montano, the mayor’s press secretary also mentioned that they have no further information about the woman who was found in the tent.