WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Everyone else sees it, but not her. In the Ohio Valley they call her ‘remarkable,’ but she’ll tell you the credit goes to God, her family, co-workers and everyone in-between.

Alishah’s volunteerism started over a decade ago when she fell in love with a preacher, who she endearingly calls ‘Pookie’.

When I said ‘I do’ to being a preacher’s wife, I said, ‘I do promise to serve our community and our world as I’m called to.’

Alishah Hardway, Remarkable Woman

And boy has she kept that promise! Board of Directors for the Rotary Club and the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley, physician’s liaison with Valley Hospice, and Co-minister of Big Run Christian Church in Cameron. 

She says one of her greatest accomplishments, aside from her two sons, is she is a student at West Liberty University.  If all goes to plan, she will have a degree in leadership and administration come May.

You might be wondering how her day starts… it takes some help.   

My husband is the real hero. He gets up way before I do. He does the laundry in the morning, puts the dishes in the dishwasher from the night before.

Alishah Hardway, Remarkable Woman

She takes her naps and no matter how late, dinner is always at the table. She makes it sound pretty easy.

Alishah is first a child of God. Faith is her driver and she’s just along for the ride. 

“Making sure the lives of others are made better because of the lives of ourselves,” said Hardway.

Especially at Valley Hospice Liza’s Place during a pandemic, which has changed her life. “I have felt a calling to serve the aging of our population as well as the dying,” said the physician’s liaison.

Seeing what the nurses give of themselves, she says that is remarkable work. Again, she can’t take credit, no, she says it’s the nurses and aids. 

Now as a preacher, there are moments when she knows she’s on the right path.   

A woman had approached me and she said her son-in-law has passed away a while back. They had a small memorial service for him, but it was going to be time for a graveside service when they buried his ashes. And, she said, ‘My daughter has just fallen in love with you and would really like you to do the graveside when it comes time.’ 

That was a humbling moment for me to know that my ministry is making an impact. 

Alishah Hardway, Remarkable Woman

It’s only through the eyes of others that you really hear Alishah’s accomplishments, specifically her international work with Disciples Women. Joining thousands of women to rebuild broken lives, the mission is to fight antiracism and human trafficking. 

Alishah’s rolemodel said this Ohio Valley woman is filled to the brim with humility and compassion.   

Alishah is a force to be reckoned with. There is so much power in this young woman. You can just see the spirit coming off of her.

Dr. Christal Williams, Disciple Women Tennessee, Alishah’s mentor

In this ‘season for women’ as Dr. Williams says, Alishah’s willingness to hear another person is what truly makes her stand out.

Like Alishah, maybe being remarkable is not knowing just how remarkable you are.