WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF)-The Ohio Valley Remarkable Women series has officially wrapped up tonight. 

The 4 amazing women featured on 7News are all winners in our eyes: Jody Miller, Lynette Haizlett, Karen Vargo, and Julia Wayne. But only one walked away as the top 2022 Ohio Valley Remarkable Woman. 

Julia Wayne is someone who keeps herself under the radar, but has left an impact beyond what you see on the surface. I spoke to this year’s Ohio Valley Remarkable woman 

“You know I’m not used to being out in the open. I kind of like being behind the scenes and doing the things I do.”

Julia Wayne, Ohio Valley Remarkable Woman 2022 Finalist

But this moment hits different for Julia Wayne.  

“(It’s) a huge honor. I mean, it’s really just a huge honor.” 

Julia Wayne, Ohio Valley Remarkable Woman 2022 Finalist

Julia is the 2022 Ohio Valley Remarkable Woman. Everyone around her calls her a loveable and compassionate person. 

Jamie Evick with WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital, a sponsor of this, met her once but couldn’t agree any more.

“I got to meet Julia for the first time tonight. To hear her story is absolutely amazing. She’s completely selfless. The above and beyond cliche doesn’t even begin to describe what she’s done for her community and for her family.” 

Jamie Evick, WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital

And because of the person she is, Julia, who’s the band director at Martins Ferry High School, has lifted her students beyond the classroom. She and her husband have also taken a former student under their wing who’s now a proud member of their family. 

She helped many other students along the way. 

But, being the success story Julia is, her story is far from over. 

Along with this special recognition, Julia’s also one of the 7 “Nexstar Remarkable Women” finalists across the country… an accomplishment that left her amazed. 

“To find out I’m one of the top 7 in the nation is just amazing. I was shocked.”

Julia Wayne, Ohio Valley Remarkable Woman 2022 Finalist

And her advice for her fellow music teachers out there speaks for itself. 

Love your children. Love your students. Be the best role model you can be for them. Be strong in who you are. Be confident in who you are and encourage kindness.” 

Julia Wayne, Ohio Valley Remarkable Woman 2022 Finalist

A big congrats to all 4 nominees, including Lynnette Haizlett who couldn’t be there tonight.