Audrey Brahler is a business owner who has done a variety of things, and done them all well.

She rehabilitated an old building, built a business from scratch, taught self defense, sped through college, wrote two books…..

And she’s 23 years old!

As a child, she passed the long-closed Prime Video building in St. Clairsville every day on her way to school.

As an adult, she bought the building for her dream of owning an ice cream shop.

She and her father did the work.

“Well, it was a complete overhaul,” she said. “We had to tear down layers of walling, pull up layers of flooring.”

At age 23, she owns and runs Giacinta’s Gelato and Caffe, with eight employees.

Gelato, she says, is denser, creamier and richer than American ice cream.

“So gelato is ten times better than ice cream!” says Katie Miller, team leader at the shop. “We love it here. The coffee, you can’t beat it. And we love our pastries.”

Customer Brenda Gregg of Belmont, Ohio, says she likes her coffee to taste like a candy bar, and they make it happen.

“They’re very accommodating here,” Gregg said. “They’re happy to help you, and it’s just a nice atmosphere to bring my granddaughter to.”

“We really wanted it to be a place that is welcoming for everyone from our elementary students, middle schoolers, high schoolers, parents and even grandparents,” said Audrey.

She has always pushed the boundaries.

She graduated from college in two years, taught Taekwondo for 11 years and she has written two books.

“I wrote two children’s chapter books,” Audrey said. “Rascal and Rascal 2 The Rescue, that I published when I was in eighth grade and a sophomore in high school.”

Even now, this self-starting entrepreneur is looking ahead.

“I’d love to bring more business ideas to St. Clairsville,” she noted. “What we’re looking for right now is a way to bring night life to the city just as a way to get more people to come in. We’re also looking in the Wheeling area right now because that’s an up and coming area too.”

Giacinta’s Gelato and Caffe is open Monday through Thursday 7 to 7, Friday 7 to 8 and Saturday 9 to 7.

She promises not only good treats and coffees, but a vibe of happiness.