BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – From sponsoring little league and softball, to school events, 5K races, and the pumpkin festival — Dr. Amanda Fisher is always humble.

My dad had multiple sclerosis and he was disabled and I think 2 to 3 years where my mom actually worked two full time jobs and she might sleep 3 to 4 hours I know it bothered him that he couldn’t work he had always told me you never know in life you know what mat happen to your spouse you might get disabled you know god forbid something would happen and they would pass away you need to make sure you’re in the position to take care of yourself and your family.

Dr. Amanda Fisher, Belmont County

On Friday evenings during football season, you’ll find her volunteering on the sidelines with the Barnesville Shamrocks.​

Athletic budgets can be tight when a player is hurt then they feel comfortable coming to me and generally I can get them to be pretty honest about it with me, say mom or dad need something or grandma or grandpa they feel comfortable coming to me.

Dr. Amanda Fisher, Belmont County

She is the only certified Chiropractic Sports Physician in Belmont county and seven of the eight surrounding counties — setting her practice aside for treating, diagnosing and rehabbing sports injuries.​

I worked with a lot of amputee active duty soldiers who were coming back from overseas and you know you might be complaining from just having to walk from the far parking lot on the hospital base and then you have these patients that you’re working with that are learning to use their prosthetic legs again and you think wow they would give anything to be able to walk from that far parking lot like you don’t know how fortunate and blessed that you are.

Dr. Amanda Fisher, Belmont County

She cares for patients from infants to elders, going on house calls and helps everyone she can.

Some of our Amish patients have never set foot in an actual medical office before and I do that because it means the difference between them going and getting the help that they need versus just going home.

Dr. Amanda Fisher, Belmont County

Dr. Fisher trains kids in the community who have been bullied about their weight, boosting their confidence by working out with them!

Dr. Fisher is also running for Belmont county coroner. And she is only the second female to ever serve on a nationwide chiropractic association.

I have legislative appointments with congressmen and senators to lobby for some chiropractic bills that are actually partial to our active duty military and veterans to advance some care for them.

Dr. Amanda Fisher, Belmont County

Every summer, she hosts a strength training and endurance workshop open to all high school athletes, motivating the football team by doing intense running right alongside of them.​

If you are in a position to help people that you do because you may be the only one and you don’t know how much a small act of kindness to help someone out might truly mean.

Dr. Amanda Fisher, Belmont County

She inspires her own two kids to live a healthy active life and give back and that donating time is more valuable than just money.

Ohio Valley’s Remarkable Women contest winner will be announced Friday during the 6 a.m. newscast.

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