WETZEL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Remarkable isn’t a word to use lightly. 

In fact, we all would probably categorize one woman in our lives as extraordinary. Whether it be for a giving spirit, as an outstanding mother, or making strides in a unique profession.

Sarah Cumberledge has done all those exceptional things, making her one of the Ohio Valley’s Remarkable Women.

I’m always running somewhere. Ask anybody.

Sarah Cumberledge

While she’s running, Sarah Cumberledge is usually juggling her job. 

My full time job, I work over at Wetzel County Hospital as a physician office coordinator.

Sarah Cumberledge

Doing plenty of volunteer work.

I’m also a volunteer firefighter for the New Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department. 

Sarah Cumberledge

Her newfound passion.

This year I decided to take classes and become and EMT. 

Sarah Cumberledge

She’s also a mom to three boys; 11-year-old Jacob, eight-year-old Jarrett and three-year-old Jaxson.

11-year-old Jacob, eight-year-old Jarrett and three-year-old Jaxson

So, why keep so busy?

It’s to know that I’m there in somebody’s time of need. I could be the last person that person sees, so I want to make sure I try to help them. It’s not for the glory. It’s because I wanna truly be there to help people.

Sarah Cumberledge

Right now Sarah is working on her national EMT certification and hopes to become a paramedic. When she’s not working at the hospital managing the primary care doctors’ offices, she goes out on calls.

Those tones drop and I just run.

Sarah Cumberledge

As if that wasn’t enough, at the same time is still taking firefighting classes. 

It’s not an easy job. I really isn’t. It takes special people to actually do it because we see some of the worst stuff ever, but it’s those ones that you do save and you know they’re grateful for it.

Sarah Cumberledge

With her boys is where she really loves to be. 

I didn’t’ know I wanted them as much as I did at the time, but now that I have them it’s an amazing feeling. They keep me busy. They keep me really busy, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Sarah Cumberledge

All three boys love being part of her career and watching their mom at work.

They just think it’s the coolest thing ever. We went and got a dalmatian puppy because we wanted a firefighter dog, so the kids just absolutely love the fire department and EMS. They think it’s just awesome.

Sarah Cumberledge

For Sarah, all the long hours are worth it, just to set an extraordinary example for her boys. 

No matter how hard you work there’s gonna be people that need ya. I don’t want them to give up on anything. I always say if you start something, finish it.

Sarah Cumberledge

Sarah Cumberledge is one of four finalists for the Ohio Valley’s Remarkable Women contest.

Be sure to tune in all this month as we feature them. The winner of a trip to New York to the Mel Robbins show will be announced on March 6.

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