We all have a remarkable woman in our lives and we are dedicating this month to featuring some of these amazing people. Our series honoring those women kicks off tonight. 

We start with Hilltop Elementary teacher Stacey Shay.

Stacey teaches social skills to students diagnosed with autism.

A wife, a mother, and a teacher. Three things Stacey Shay balances these three things every single day. Hilltop Elementary is where she spends her days teaching life and social skills to kids diagnosed with autism.

One of the best things about this job is there is a breakthrough every single day and she celebrates every single breakthrough. Some students that have the pleasure of learning with Stacey in her classroom have trouble learning basic life skills. like being potty trained or even something as simple as getting a haircut. 

Stacey went as far as breaking the haircut into almost 30 steps and finally getting students comfortable to getting a haircut. 

One of Stacey’s best traits is how humble she is. Teaching these kids life skills they’d be lost without is just another day at the office for her. County.

We will meet some very special ladies so stay with 7News at 5 every Tuesday in March to see who is our next Remarkable Woman.