This month we’ve been introducing you to women right here in the Ohio Valley who have made a tremendous impact.

Our Remarkable Women series continues as we meet a local author with a passion for the community she lives in.

Storm Young is originally from Tyler County.

She moved to Wetzel County for a year, met her husband and has been on the move ever since.

While she’s living all over the country, Storm still makes her hometown a top priority.

Storm Young is a mom, a military wife, an author, and a college student.

She has a lot of titles, but each one allows her to give back.

“Whenever I was 16 I started a beauty pageant and I did that twice so I was 16 and I did one whenever I was 18 and both times they ended up getting about $5000 each for a total of over $10,000.”

Storm Young – Nominee for Remarkable Women

All proceeds went to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Storm’s family farm is part of the Adopt a Highway program and she’s an accomplished author, telling stories that are based in her hometown.

Her first Book is called “The Pen Pal, A West Virginia Mystery” and the story is set in New Martinsville.

“I lived in a very small community and Tyler county, but whenever I moved to new Martinsville, it was still small, but there were so many people, and they were just tightknit, and I love that so much and I also have a character that had postpartum depression and that is some thing that I personally went through and I wanted to put that in my book as well and talk about the struggles and that it’s okay to ask for help and reach out to a friend.”

Storm Young – Nominee for Remarkable Women

Young’s second book “The Final Secret, A West Virginia Mystery” is based in Tyler County.
It’s about a girl from New York City with a whole bunch of family secrets.

“I love it because whenever you read this book you are in Tyler County and I wanted to make sure I put all the little details that I could and I’m also working on another book that’s base there as well.”

Storm Young – Nominee for Remarkable Women

As a self-publisher, she also wants to encourage others that it’s possible to write your own book and live your dreams.

Even her future goals have everything to do with helping others!

Storm is in school getting her master’s degree in environmental studies.

“And one day I want to be an environmental attorney, because I also want to work for the EPA and make sure that the environment’s good as well. I want to be able to give back for the rest of my life.”

Storm Young – Nominee for Remarkable Women

Storm says she is so thankful for this nomination and for everyone who buys her books and supports her efforts to better her community.

A little fun fact , people have read her books in six countries.

She hopes whenever her readers picture the scenery she describes, they get a sense of home like she does when she’s writing.

Be on the lookout for Storm’s third book, which should come this November.