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Which jumpsuits for men are best?

As an enduring and laid-back wardrobe staple, a men’s jumpsuit blurs the line between style and practicality. It’s likely that when you think of a men’s jumpsuit, you imagine the classic, practical coveralls popular with mechanics and painters, but the term “jumpsuit” has expanded to include much more. From high-fashion statement pieces to simple and affordable options, there’s no shortage of men’s jumpsuits to choose from, but the Dickies Men’s Short-Sleeve Coverall is a timeless and adaptable choice.

What to know before you buy a jumpsuit for men


While being popular in the worlds of fashion and streetwear, jumpsuits are still known for their utilitarian advantages. Jumpsuits cover the body while offering a good range of motion, and they’re great for those who frequently perform physical labor. Those searching for a practical jumpsuit should consider material, weight and insulation when looking at jumpsuits. Blue-collar jumpsuits also tend to have more pockets.

If you want a jumpsuit for fashion purposes alone, then color, style and brand should be taken into greater consideration. Some fashionable picks almost resemble tracksuits, while others go for a retro mechanic look. Those planning to use a jumpsuit for leisure can also think about purchasing more expensive jumpsuits, as wear and damage is less likely.

Style and fit

Relaxed fits have helped make jumpsuits for men so popular, but it’s important to decide exactly how loose you want your jumpsuit to be. Baggy or “oversized” jumpsuits are especially comfortable to some, while jumpsuits with tapered or skinny legs offer a more structured, form-fitting appearance. Both tight and loose jumpsuits can be practical and attractive, so it’s a matter of personal preference.


Dickies is the brand most closely associated with jumpsuits, and you can’t go wrong with the time-honored Dickies look. Other brands making high-quality jumpsuits for regular use are Carhartt, Red Kap and Berne. Designer brands that have broken into the men’s jumpsuit market include Gucci and Henrik Vibskov. In some cases, a well-known brand logo adds to a jumpsuit’s fashion appeal. 

What to look for in a quality jumpsuit for men


Polyester and cotton are the two most common materials in jumpsuits for men. Cotton is durable, breathable and comfortable, and it’s more expensive than polyester. Polyester is also durable in addition to being wrinkle-resistant and affordable. It’s very common to see a polycotton blend with 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This creates affordable and flexible jumpsuits.

Some jumpsuits also have extra insulation. This is perfect for colder seasons, especially if you’ll be doing work outside.


Men’s jumpsuits can have either long or short sleeves. Long-sleeve options have a classic, simple appearance, and their full body coverage is better for cold weather. Plus, long-sleeve jumpsuits protect your skin and clothes from oil, paint, mud and other substances. Short-sleeve jumpsuits are great for warmer weather, and they let you customize your style with separate long-sleeve shirts. 


Unlike jumpsuits for women, jumpsuits for men don’t often incorporate more than one color. While the most popular jumpsuit colors are black, dark blue and grey, many options come in a large variety of colors. Tan and olive drab are popular alternatives, and brighter blues or reds can liven up your wardrobe.

Weight and durability

Weight is typically a consideration only for those who are doing physical labor in their jumpsuit, as extra weight adds to both durability and warmth. Jumpsuit weight is measured in ounces per square yard: jumpsuits under 7 ounces are considered to be lightweight, whereas heavier options are 7-10 ounces.

How much you can expect to spend on a jumpsuit for men

Most jumpsuits for standard work or leisure are in the $40-$100 price range, though high-fashion options can be $250 or more. Keep in mind that jumpsuits cover your entire body, so don’t be alarmed if an option you love is more expensive than a pair of pants alone.

Jumpsuit for men FAQ

How are jumpsuits different from overalls or coveralls?

A. The words “jumpsuit” and “coverall” are essentially synonymous, though some people think of jumpsuits as having a tighter fit than coveralls. Jumpsuits and coveralls, also referred to as boilersuits, are one-piece items of clothing that cover the legs and have either short or long sleeves. Overalls, however, don’t cover the arms — they’re basically pants with a bib that connect using shoulder straps.

How are jumpsuits for men sized?

A. Jumpsuits frequently come in small, medium, large and multiple XL sizes. Different sizes have different waist and chest measurements as well as different torso lengths. Sizing varies slightly by brand, so it’s always recommended to look at a given jumpsuit’s sizing chart. For example, a Berne large jumpsuit has a 44- to 46-inch chest measurement, whereas a Dickies large jumpsuit has a 42- to 45-inch chest measurement. Generally, jumpsuits have a 31- to 33-inch inseam, with 33-inch being considered a “tall” inseam. 

What are the best jumpsuits for men to buy?

Top jumpsuit for men 

Dickies Men's Short-Sleeve Coverall

Dickies Men’s Short-Sleeve Coverall

What you need to know: This old-school Dickies jumpsuit is a reliable choice for any situation.

What you’ll love: Instantly recognizable and just as well-made as ever, the short-sleeve Dickies jumpsuit is attractively priced and fashionable. It’s made from a durable polycotton blend that stands up to hard labor, and it has several pockets with snaps. It also comes in eight colors, letting you choose the look that best suits you.

What you should consider: The short sleeves and lack of insulation mean that it isn’t warm enough for cold months. The Dickies Men’s Basic Blended Coverall is a long-sleeve alternative.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top jumpsuit for men for the money

Red Kap Men's Long-Sleeve Twill Action Back Coverall

Red Kap Men’s Long-Sleeve Twill Action Back Coverall

What you need to know: This affordable long-sleeve jumpsuit is simple and classic.

What you’ll love: Made from the same 65% polyester, 35% cotton blend as Dickies jumpsuits and sold at a lower price, this popular jumpsuit from Red Kap is a winner. The minimalist design is attractive, and it comes in a wider variety of colors than many long-sleeve jumpsuits. Plus, full-body coverage and a high number of pockets make it functional.

What you should consider: It lacks the recognizable logo of a Dickies jumpsuit, and the no-frills appearance is not as fashion-focused as more expensive options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Berne Men's Deluxe Insulated Coverall

Berne Men’s Deluxe Insulated Coverall

What you need to know: This heavy-duty jumpsuit will keep you warm during colder months.

What you’ll love: Thanks to the insulation and 100% cotton material, this 10-ounce jumpsuit can withstand cold temperatures and hard labor. The superior seams, reinforced knees and water-repellent finish make it the most durable jumpsuit for the price. Even better, it gives you great mobility thanks to its comfortable fit and pleated elbows.

What you should consider: It’s more expensive than less durable jumpsuits, and the heaviness makes it less viable for leisure use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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