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Which sparkly outfits are best for New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve, and 2023, are only days away. If you have big plans for the night but haven’t yet figured out what you’re going to wear, you need to move fast. Not only to ensure that what you order will arrive in time for your event but also to ensure there are still suitable options left. You also need to decide how sparkly you want to go, as it’s easy to go overboard and make yourself look like a human disco ball.

In this article: Mangopop Mesh Shirt, Tipsy Elves Leggings and Pacinoble Cardigan.

Sparkly options

When it comes to dressing sparkly for New Year’s Eve, there are more options in clothing made for female body types than clothing made for male body types. Women’s clothing has all manner of tops and bottoms, not to mention accessories and dresses. Men have the occasional shirts but are otherwise more restricted to accessories such as ties and watches.

New Year’s Eve event types

There are countless ways to celebrate the turn of the year, but some events are more common than others.

  • Homebody: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with staying home for New Year’s Eve. You might have work the next day, could be feeling under the weather or just not like partying. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear comfy sparkly clothes to celebrate before going to bed early.
  • Friends and family: If you like to celebrate with loved ones instead of strangers, you need to match the energy of the group. For example, you might want to dress to the nines if your friends are planning a big bash. You could also need to keep it simple if you’re celebrating with family, including younger kids.
  • I own this city: If you prefer to dance, drink and otherwise live life to the loudest at your favorite clubs, you need to dress to impress. Wear that shimmering dress or that special sequined tie. Who knows who you could meet.
  • Professional: If your New Year’s Eve is being spent with coworkers or you’re attending a major networking event, your look should be refined. Think sparkly highlights rather than sparkly focused.

Best sparkly tops for women

Best Allegra K T-Shirt

Allegra K T-Shirt

This top is perfect for all manner of parties from gatherings with friends to hitting every club on the strip thanks to the glittery tassels. It comes in five sizes and seven styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best Floerns Crop Top

Floerns Crop Top

The sparkles of this V-neck top are more muted, so you can still have a little shine without it becoming the central element of your look. It comes in five sizes and 11 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best Lime Flare Tank Top

Lime Flare Tank Top

This is a good top for casual events or those happening in parts of the country that might still be a little warm. It comes in five sizes and 13 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best Mangopop Mesh Shirt

Mangopop Mesh Shirt

This sheer top is exactly what you need to catch every eye in whatever club or bar you want to go to. It comes in six sizes and 11 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best SweatyRocks Crop Top

SweatyRocks Crop Top

This top works for almost any occasion, but you have to pair it right. Try leather pants for a club event or a nice blazer for a professional one, for example. It comes in four sizes and eight styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best sparkly bottoms for women

Best Azokoe Lounge Pants

Azokoe Lounge Pants

These pants are about as loud as can be thanks to the stripes and sparkles. Pair them with plain clothes to avoid going too far. They come in five sizes and 17 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best Breevo Skirt

Breevo Skirt

This tasseled skirt can be the center of your look or just a part of it depending on how you want to pair it. It comes in 10 sizes and four styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best Tipsy Elves Leggings

Tipsy Elves Leggings

Leggings remain all the rage in fashion these days. These sequined ones fit in everywhere regular leggings do, they just have more panache. They come in seven sizes and 14 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best Victray Skirt

Victray Skirt

This skirt is popular for belly dancing, so it should be able to snatch someone’s attention easily. However, it’s not suitable for anywhere but the club. It comes in one size and 15 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best Zaxicht Jogger Pants

Zaxicht Jogger Pants

These shimmering joggers are perfect for adding a retro flare to your New Year’s Eve look, not to mention giving you a sparkly look without sequins for once. They come in five sizes and 12 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best sparkly tops for men

Best Coofandy Button-Down Sparkly Shirt

Coofandy Button-Down Shirt

This metallic shirt is perfect for making you the shiny center of the dancefloor, but it’s a little strong for non-bar environments. It comes in five sizes and nine styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best Oyoangle Button-Down Shirt

Oyoangle Button-Down Shirt

This shirt has enough sparkles to it to be noticeable, but the real eye-catcher is the mesh of it all. It comes in five sizes and two styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best Pacinoble Cardigan

Pacinoble Cardigan

This cardigan can be worn without any other layers for the biggest splash, or paired with quiet shirts to tone it down a little. It comes in five sizes and four styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best PJ Paul Jones Button-Down Shirt

PJ Paul Jones Button-Down Shirt

Another button-down with plenty of sparkles, but this one has more texture to it to appear less like a mirror. It comes in five sizes and 10 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best sparkly accessories for men

Best Man Of Men Tie

Man Of Men Tie

This sequined tie can be all the glam and glitter you need if you pair it with the right button-down and suit. It comes in six colors, including sliver and gold.

Sold by Amazon

Best PMU Bow Tie

PMU Bow Tie

Bow ties can’t be pulled off by anyone, but if you’re the type then stick with it to keep standing out and showing off. This one comes in green, black and gold and multi-color.

Sold by Amazon

Best Western Fashion Fedora

Western Fashion Fedora

Like bow ties, it takes a rare individual to be able to pull off a fedora, especially a sequined one. Be bold. Give it a try. It comes in nine colors.

Sold by Amazon

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