As fall proceeds, it gets dark earlier every evening.

And as Halloween approaches, there are people out walking in the dark.

Not just ghosts, princesses and superheroes, but their parents too.

So the Ohio State Highway Patrol is urging drivers—especially in the evenings—to be hyper vigilant, looking out for pedestrians.

“There could potentially be people walking along the roadways,” said Lt. Maurice Waddell, commander of the St. Clairsville OSHP post. “For those people walking along the roadways, they need to walk against the traffic. Don’t walk with traffic. So you can actually see the vehicles coming toward you. The other thing is, if you plan on walking or you’re out at night, wear bright colored clothing or a reflective vest so motorists can see you while they’re driving.”

He said drivers need to realize that trick-or-treaters may dart out into traffic.

They may also cross the street in unexpected areas, instead of in the designated cross-walks.

And any adults going to a Halloween party are urged to have a designated driver.

Officials say 48% of all pedestrian-related crashes occur between 6 p.m. and midnight.