WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — When it comes time for a haircut, are you googling pictures of the top hairstyles? Well, we thought it would be easier to ask the hairstylists themselves before you sit down in the chair. 

The girls at Cloud 9 Salon and Spa in Wheeling say mullets are forcing their way into the spotlight.

We don’t recommend the mullet. I have cut and perfected the mullet and it’s terrifying.

Sara Sorvalis, Stylist at Cloud 9

Mullets are coming with us into 2022. Country stars are setting this trend and what might have started as a joke with boys in our area, has caught on big time. But so have other 80s looks. 

Perms are coming back for men up top. Bangs are back. They’re big.

Chunky highlights, especially in front, are coming back into style, and also brunettes are back. So, you’re going to see less blondes and more brunettes.

Sara Sorvalis, Stylist at Cloud 9

So, blonde in the front, but stylists stop there. 

If you’re looking for chunk, chunk, chunk, light, dark, light, dark, Kelly Clarkson called. She wants her highlights back.

Bridgette Hardy, Owner of Cloud 9

The 90’s ‘bixie’ is back, which Hardy explained has multiple layers. “So, it’s a combination of two things,” said Hardy. “The bob and the pixie.” 

Hardy says this is the time to step out of your high school-look comfort zone. And if you have straight hair, lean into it. Curly hair? Make it extra curly. Not the opposite. 

And the ‘natural look’ continues for makeup. People want to wake up with the lipstick already on. Makeup tattooing really is in.  

They want to wake up ready to go. Whether that’s a permanent eyeliner, a little wing on their line or a real thick line. Microblading: So, the permanent eyebrows and lip blushing. As long as they can wake up and go, that’s what they’re wanting.

Macy Cordy, Cosmetologist at Cloud 9

One thing that is not coming back from the 90s is the eyebrow. Eyebrows are getting fluffier and instead of the Grammys, the younger generation is designing their face off of ‘TikTok’.