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Which nasal strip is best?

Nearly everyone has experienced nasal congestion. The common cold, seasonal allergies, environmental irritants or a medical condition like snoring, chronic sinusitis or a deviated septum can all cause a stuffy nose. 

Nasal strips offer a drug-free way to combat nasal congestion with a long history of success. These adhesive bands are attached across the nose just above the nostrils and open up clogged airways to make breathing easier. For overall effectiveness from a long trusted brand, the top choice are the Breathe Right Original Nasal Strips.

What to know before you buy a nasal strip

Nasal congestion causes

While nasal strips are effective with most causes of nasal congestion, it is important for you to identify the root cause. Chronic medical conditions like sinusitis or heavy snoring may require further consultation with a health care professional to determine if additional treatment is needed. Environmental irritants like chemicals or pet dander might simply require the removal of the source. Allergies and mild illnesses may need additional medication to help the underlying cause. Nasal strips improve breathing, but they will not treat or cure the actual cause of nasal congestion.

Skin sensitivity

Nasal strips can cause skin irritation between the adhesive and your epidermis. Most users do not have this problem, but if you have sensitive skin or a condition like rosacea, you may notice red marks after removing the nasal strips. This bodily response tends to get better the longer you use nasal strips. 

Latex allergy

Some nasal strip manufacturers offer nonlatex options for people with a latex allergy. Look closely at the packaging and label to ensure that the product you use is made without latex. Failing to do so could mean that your nose strips could trigger an allergic reaction.

What to look for in a quality nasal strip


Regular nasal strips (also called original) are intended for people with mild symptoms and skin that is not overly sensitive. Extra-strength nasal strips help people with significant congestion.

There are also nasal strips made for people with sensitive skin, and some are even scented with menthol or lavender to provide aromatherapy while sleeping.


A simple fact of life is that everyone has a different size nose. Fortunately, nasal strips come in a wide range of sizes from small, medium, large and even extra-large. You may need to experiment at first until you find the right size for you. Evaluate how well the nasal strips stay on your nose overnight and how effective they are at improving your breathing.

Alternative design

For some people, the over-the-nose design of nasal test strips is too bothersome to continue using. Some manufacturers offer an under-the-nose design where the tension is applied to the columella — the tissue between your nostrils. This tension still allows for more air to enter the nostrils and provides similar results as standard-design nasal strips.

How much you can expect to spend on nasal strips

There is a wide range of prices based on the quality of nasal strips, as well as the size of the packaging. The lowest end will start at $7-$8 for low-count products and then increase to $11-$16 for higher quality strips, with reusable strips around $15-$20.

Nasal strips FAQ

Do nasal strips help with snoring?

A. Nasal test strips definitely help with snoring problems. Since snoring forces sleepers to breathe through their mouths, they often do not get restful sleep, tossing and turning, and wake up tired. Nasal test strips help with breathing through the nose. If your snoring is getting worse or includes apnea, consult a health care professional for further evaluation.

Can I use nasal strips if I have had previous surgery on my nose?

A. At some point you should be able to reintroduce nasal strips following rhinoplasty (nose surgery). You should check with your surgeon to determine the right timeline based on the procedure performed and how your recovery is progressing.

What’s the best nasal strip to buy?

Top nasal strip

Breathe Right Original Nasal Strips

Breathe Right Original Nasal Strips

What you need to know: These strips are the trusted brand providing relief for nearly 20 years with consistent positive reviews.

What you’ll love: These nasal strips are successful at relieving congestion associated with allergies and colds, snoring, and even help with irritants like pet dander. They are available in multiple sizes and designed for a lasting stick.

What you should consider: If removed too quickly, the strips can irritate the underlying skin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top nasal strip for the money

MQFORU Better Breathe Nasal Strips

MQFORU Better Breathe Nasal Strips

What you need to know: These nasal strips are some of the most affordable available and work similarly to premium strips.

What you’ll love: Made from porous nonwoven material and polyester elastic, these strips are breathable and comfortable. The strips are strong enough to help with snoring and have no side effects listed. The cost is very affordable and includes a 300-count package.

What you should consider: Although the manufacturer claims that the strips do not cause skin irritation, a few users have still reported this happening.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Clear Passage Nasal Strips

Clear Passage Nasal Strips

What you need to know: These nasal strips provide extra lift and can be used during the day, even while exercising, in addition to sleeping.

What you’ll love: Using patented technology, the manufacturer claims a significantly stronger lift and hold versus other brands. Improved breathing is instantly experienced upon application. The strips are designed for extra coverage.

What you should consider: There are some reports of the nasal strips slipping off oily skin. Always wash your face first before applying these nasal strips to make sure that you don’t have excess oil on your face that could cause problems with the strips sticking.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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