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Advancements in home security have given individuals the ability to secure their properties with the swipe of a finger. The days of heavy keychains and low-resolution video are gone. Now we have touchpads, facial recognition, smart home connectivity and surveillance footage in 4K resolution. Despite so much cutting-edge technology, today’s security systems are also more affordable than ever.

With so many security options flooding the market, it can be a challenge to find quality equipment. For maximum reliability, consider what degree of protection you are looking for and shop carefully.

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Popular smart home security system components

  • Cameras are a foundational component of a home security system. Choose an option that provides a high-definition picture.
  • Motion sensors send an alert if something is found to be moving in the room they’re located in. Special considerations need to be made if you have pets in your home, as they will be detected by the sensors.
  • Glass break detectors are triggered if they pick up a sound that they interpret as the shattering of a glass window.
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are sometimes included in home security kits. When properly set up — whether installed by you or professionally installed —they can alert the fire department automatically.
  • Contact sensors detect when a door or window is opened. These devices should be installed anywhere someone on the outside may have access to a way in.
  • Temperature sensors might be included in your system and are useful if you live in a climate that experiences extreme heat or cold.
  • Control panels act as the hub of your alarm system. They let you monitor your equipment, turn various components on and off and see a record of your security activity. Most use a touch screen interface.

Camera systems

With so many connectivity options between Apple, Amazon and Google, many people are satisfied just using a camera or two to make up the security portion of their smart home. From options that stick to your front door to those that can be mounted on an interior wall or ceiling, there is no limit to where you can place these small devices.

Multicomponent systems

From kits that include multiple cameras and glass break detectors to those that feature door alarms and motion sensor lights, there are multicomponent home security systems available to suit any property.

While you don’t want to overspend on gadgets you won’t use, many people take comfort in installing additional equipment or even keeping unused parts in storage in case they move into a larger home and want to bring their system with them. Keep your budget and your living space in mind while you shop.

Professional vs. self-monitoring

Self-monitoring security systems push alerts to your phone in the event of an alarm or sensor being triggered.

Professionally monitored systems employ a team that will attempt to contact you, or local emergency responders, in the event of your system being compromised.

Professionally monitored systems require a monthly subscription fee, but the service is worth it if you need additional assistance. Compare monthly plans between companies to make sure that you’re covered to your liking but not paying for services that you don’t need.

Top-rated smart home security systems on Amazon


Best Blink Video Doorbell

Blink Video Doorbell 

Discreet and simple, this video doorbell allows for two-way audio and provides HD footage, including night vison. You can use it with Alexa via Wi-Fi or even wire it to your existing doorbell.

Best Ring Video Doorbell 3

Ring Video Doorbell 3 

See who is at the door and even chat with them using this entry camera. This Ring doorbell camera mounts easily beside your front door and connects with the Ring app via Wi-Fi.

Best Ring Alarm 14-piece Home Security System

Ring Alarm 14-piece Home Security System

This kit from Ring includes enough keypads, contact sensors and motion detection to fortify your entire house. It works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Ring’s wide selection of other home security gadgets.

Best Blink Indoor Wireless HD Security Camera

Blink Indoor Wireless HD Security Camera

This powerful smart security camera allows for two-way audio, and it can run for up to two years on its included batteries. You can purchase it as a single device or in a package of five to create an entire network of interior cameras accessible through Alexa.

Best Ring Floodlight Cam with Motion-Activated 1080p HD Video

Ring Floodlight Cam with Motion-Activated 1080p HD Video

This option combines all the connectivity people have come to expect from Ring with a motion-activated 2,000-lumen floodlight. This device also features an optional siren, making it great for discouraging outdoor trespassers.

Best SimpliSafe Eight-piece Wireless Home Security System

SimpliSafe Eight-piece Wireless Home Security System 

Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, this system includes a base station hub, a control pad, four contact sensors, a motion detector and a panic button. You have the option of using the system on its own or subscribing to SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring service.

Best SimpliSafe 12-piece Wireless Home Security System with HD Camera

SimpliSafe 12-piece Wireless Home Security System with HD Camera

Those looking for a more powerful solution from SimpliSafe can outfit their entire property with this 12-piece system that includes an HD camera, an additional contact sensor, a second motion detector and a key fob controller. This set is ideal for larger homes.

Best Eufy Security Wireless Home Security Camera System

Eufy Security Wireless Home Security Camera System

This set includes two weatherproof 2K cameras and a base hub. It’s compatible with Apple HomeKit and includes features such as “human detection” that prevent pets and other animals from creating a system alert.

Best YoLink Smart Home Starter Kit

YoLink Smart Home Starter Kit

This set includes four door and window sensors and a system hub. Thanks to YoLink’s large portfolio of smart security gear, you can easily add more equipment to your system as needed.

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