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Which Breville juice fountain is best?

Some people have a hard time working whole fruits and vegetables into their diet. Juicing can give them a more palatable way of ingesting much needed vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. This is just one of the reasons why a top-quality juicer, such as a Breville juice fountain, has become a staple in so many homes.

The best Breville juice fountain is large enough and powerful enough to suit your needs. The Breville Juice Fountain Elite, for example, delivers impressive results by extracting up to 30% more juice than traditional juicers. It is built to last, and features an extra-wide feed chute to cut down on prep time.

What to know before you buy a Breville juice fountain

What Breville juice fountains are

Breville is an Australian company known for its quality countertop appliances such as coffee grinders and toasters. A Breville juice fountain is a centrifugal juicer that uses a cutting disk to shred fruits and vegetables, letting them release their juices. The unit spins at high speeds, forcing the pulp against two micro-mesh filters so the juice can be extracted. One container collects the juice and another collects the pulp. Breville juicers also have a built-in froth separator that removes the froth from your beverage as you pour.

Pros and cons of juicing

Juicing is an excellent way to get those all-important fruits and vegetables into your diet. It is especially beneficial to people who have a hard time eating whole fruits and vegetables. 

On the downside, juicing is time-consuming (mostly the cleanup), and you lose the natural fiber contained in fruits and vegetables. Also, fruits are high-calorie foods, so it is possible to consume too much juice.

What to look for in a quality Breville juice fountain

All Breville juicers share a number of similar features such as a titanium-reinforced cutting disk, an extra-wide feed chute and a built-in froth separator. However, three main elements differentiate the models from one another: size, power and speed control.


Before purchasing a Breville juicer, it is important to consider how much juice you will want to make at one time. The smaller models come with a 25-ounce glass, the largest a 70-ounce glass. An individual will not need a larger model, but a family could benefit from making larger quantities. 


Low-end Breville juicers offer 700 watts of power, which is still significantly higher than many other manufacturers’ models. At the high end, Breville’s Juice Fountain Cold XL delivers 1,200 watts, which may be more than you need.

Speed control

Green, leafy vegetables must be juiced at slower speeds than hard fruits and vegetables. To get a machine that does it all, you’ll want at least a low and a high operating speed.

How much you can expect to spend on a Breville juice fountain

The cost ranges from $99.95 for the compact model to $379.95 for the top-of-the-line juicer. Currently, Breville has six fountains spread across that price range to make it easier to find one that fits your budget.

Breville juice fountain FAQ

Are Breville juice fountains hard to clean?

A. The downside to any juicer is it must be cleaned immediately after every use. Breville juice fountains are no different. To clean one, rinse all removable parts in hot water to wash away the pulp, then let the juicer air dry. 

To reduce cleaning tasks, you can place a small produce bag in the pulp container before juicing. When done, the pulp can be used for other dishes, discarded or added to a compost pile or garden. 

The base of the unit cannot be rinsed. To clean this part, use a damp cloth to gently remove food particles before they harden. 

Are Breville juice fountains loud?

A. Breville juice fountains are designed to run quietly — some models feature built-in noise reduction technology. However, these powerful machines boast high-speed motors, with some whirling at 13,000 revolutions per minute, so there is going to be some noise. Since you won’t be using foods that are frozen, as you might with a blender, the noise won’t be as harsh or grinding. Roughly, it will be about as loud as a vacuum cleaner. 

If noise is a big concern for you, you may need to get a masticating, or manual, juicer, as these operate at a much lower volume level.

What’s the best Breville juice fountain to buy?

Top Breville juice fountain

Breville Juice Fountain Elite

Breville Juice Fountain Elite

What you need to know: While this is not the top model in Breville’s line, it is more than adequate for home use.

What you’ll love: This 1,000-watt juicer gives you up to 30% more power than traditional juicers. The extraction system features a titanium-reinforced cutting disk along with two micro-mesh filters made out of stainless steel for optimal juicing. The extra-wide chute lets you feed whole fruits and vegetables into the machine, diminishing prep time.

What you should consider: While this is an excellent machine, it is a bit pricier than other options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Breville juice fountain for the money

Breville Juice Fountain Plus

Breville Juice Fountain Plus

What you need to know: This is an impressive machine that offers many of the features found on Breville’s higher-priced models.

What you’ll love: It has two speeds, so it can accommodate both leafy vegetables and harder fruits and vegetables. The built-in froth separator gives you a beverage with more fluid and less froth. The pulp container is detachable, making the juicer easier to store.

What you should consider: As with other juicers, cleaning this model can be time-consuming.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Breville Juice Fountain Compact

Breville Juice Fountain Compact

What you need to know: This lighter-duty option is best for the budget-minded.

What you’ll love: Although it has a compact size, this 700-watt model still features the extra-wide feed chute found on higher-end models. The juicer has a 25-ounce jug, a 1.6-quart pulp container, and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

What you should consider: To get the most out of it, a thorough cleaning after each use is required.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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