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If you’re looking to start growing your own herbs at home, the road to being a proud plant parent may not be the easiest. If you’ve never had a green thumb or simply haven’t tried a home garden before, you want to choose herbs that are easy to grow. 

Getting your garden harvest-ready without breaking too much of a sweat is the ideal way to start. If you’re nervous about killing your herb plants, follow along with this article and choose the easiest herbs to grow at home, ensuring first-time success.


Whether you’ve decided to adopt a green thumb as part of a new hobby or if you’re excited to be healthier and a bit more sustainable, there are many benefits to farming your own food. 

Herbs are both flavorful and versatile, as you can use them in soups, stews or your grandma’s hand-me-down recipes. 

Best of all, herbs are undeniably the easiest plants to grow. Whether you’re planting them in a pot or directly in the ground, they don’t require too much maintenance. 


For many beginners, building a full garden in the backyard may seem overwhelming. Luckily, herbs can be grown indoors, regardless of how much space you have, positioned by a windowsill or under grow lights in your kitchen. Keep in mind, you should place each herb in their own pot for optimal growth and make sure they’re getting  four to six hours of daily light.

Growing in natural light: Always choose south-facing windows, as these spaces tend to get the brightest light, especially during winter days. Good choices for south-facing windows are rosemary, thyme, basil and oregano. If you only have east- or west-facing windows, these tend to receive light either in the morning or afternoon, which means these spaces will stay cooler. Consider planting mint, chives and parsley in these spaces.

Growing under grow lights: If you don’t get a lot of sunlight in your space, you can purchase full-spectrum grow lights for all types of herbs and place your plants within a foot of the bulbs (or follow the instructions provided). For plants that need a lot of sunlight, you’ll want to start by having the bulbs on for 12-16 hours a day, then adjust as necessary.


If you’re unsure where to start and want an even easier, zero-effort way to grow your herbs, try using a hydroponic growing system, an indoor starter kit that grows up to seven types of herbs directly in water and has built-in bulbs to maximize your herb’s growth. You can plant any herb or vegetable and effortlessly take your herbs from seed to harvest, all while saving space in your place. Using an indoor hydroponic kit is the easiest way to grow herbs in your home garden since all you need to do is pop them in and watch them grow. 

Below are the top  six herbs to try growing at home, and while the list includes fan favorites like rosemary or parsley, consider trying to plant something new to give your future recipes a little pizzazz.

Best Gaeas Blessing Rosemary

Gaea’s Blessing Rosemary

Rosemary likes well-drained, dry soil and six to eight hours of light. Make sure you don’t overwater this favorite. As rosemary grows, it stays relatively small, so your kitchen won’t turn into a jungle. Try it with fish, stew and chicken recipes. 

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Best SEEDRA Cilantro

SEEDRA Cilantro

Cilantro has a bright and fresh flavor and can be used as garnish. This herb can be harvested a month after planting. Rich in vitamins C, K and A, cilantro can be added to tacos, soups and curries.  

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Best Gaeas Blessing Thyme

Gaea’s Blessing Thyme

Thyme is easy and quick to grow, and its flavor is delicious in soups, breads and salad dressings. It requires little to no watering, meaning it’s a low-maintenance choice during warmer months.

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Best Country Creek Acres Red Rubin Basil

Country Creek Acres Red Rubin Basil

Not only does this herb add some punch to your dishes, but its red leaves also add some beauty to your space. Unlike regular basil, red basil has a very pungent flavor, so you only need a little bit to add a kick. It’s great for creating vinegar, pesto or adding to pasta. 

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Best Gaeas Blessing Italian Parsley

Gaea’s Blessing Italian Parsley

A pantry staple, parsley is an excellent addition to grilled vegetables, tabbouleh, bean salads and stews. While it’s considered very low-maintenance, keep in mind that this herb takes a little longer to grow, approximately 14 to 21 days. 

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Best Gaeas Blessing Dill

Gaea’s Blessing Dill

Out of all herbs, dill is probably one of the easiest to grow as it doesn’t require much maintenance and it grows in almost all conditions. While it’s OK to harvest the leaves once they’re big, the best time to harvest your dill is right before flowering. Add this flavorful herb to your bread, potato salads, yogurt sauces and seafood. 

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