BROOKVILLE, N.Y. (WTRF) – More American households nowadays have pets rather than children, according to KDKA.

Veterinarian workers are working hard to keep up with this trending demand, but the extra work is leading to burnout and a nationwide shortage of veterinarians.

A survey from the American Veterinary Medical Association, last year, found that 44% of veterinarians have considered leaving the profession and about 26% reported that they want to work fewer hours.

According to KDKA, a report found that by 2030, the United States will need almost 41,000 additional veterinarians to care for our nation’s pets.

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Meeting that growing demand is important to Long Island University and it is expanding its veterinarian school to train more students, reported KDKA.

Students said that they see the shortage as leverage and are being prepared well for the demand. Opportunities in the field will continue to grow.

The industry with grow outward as the need for thousands of vet techs will also increase. These technicians are being encouraged to help take pressure off doctors by working at the top of their license, according to KDKA.