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Which is best: Hover-1 or Segway hoverboards? 

A hoverboard can be helpful to beat the traffic, cruise around town or reduce your carbon footprint. If you are looking to buy one, you might want to consider a Hover-1 or Segway hoverboard. These two brands are the market leader in this product category. Hover-1 hoverboards offer excellent build quality for an affordable price. They are ideal for beginners, kids, and a light-duty commute. Segway hoverboards are significantly more expensive but offer great durability and quality, making them ideal for a daily commute or off-road adventures.

Hover-1 hoverboard

Hover-1 is a well-known brand for products you can ride, such as hoverboards and e-scooters. There is a variety of hoverboards offered by Hover-1 including the Titan, Horizon, Ultra and Chrome models. The Hover-1 models offer different top speed, maximum weight capacity, range on a single charge and other features. Some of the features offered in high-end Hover-1 models include connectivity with a companion app via Bluetooth, battery indicator lights and built-in speakers. You can expect to spend $85-$300 for a Hover-1 hoverboard.

Hover-1 hoverboard pros

  • Some Hover-1 models offer connectivity with the app to track your ride in real-time using your smartphone’s GPS. The app can also be used to monitor the battery life of the hoverboard or play your favorite music.
  • Hover-1 hoverboards are lightweight, making them more portable than competitive products. The size of the Hover-1 hoverboard is also compact, making it easy to store or navigate in tight spaces. 
  • The low price of the Hover-1 hoverboards makes them great for beginners and kids.

Hover-1 hoverboard cons

  • The lightweight build of Hover-1 hoverboards is a tradeoff with durability. This means Hover-1 hoverboards might struggle to be used for the daily commute or off-road use.
  • The battery life of two to four hours might not be enough for certain users. The long recharge time of Hover-1 headboards adds to the battery issue.  
  • Some cheaper models of the Hover-1 hoverboards do not offer connectivity with the app.

Best Hover-1 hoverboards

Hover-1 Drive hoverboard

Hover-1 Drive hoverboard

With its affordable price, 7 miles per hour speed, and 3-mile range, the Hover-1 Drive is an excellent choice for beginners and kids. The hoverboard casing is made from durable ABS, while the foot platform is made from nonslip rubber.

Sold by Amazon

Hover-1 Titan hoverboard

Hover-1 Titan hoverboard

This ultra-lightweight hoverboard by Hover-1 offers a top speed of 7 miles per hour for a leisurely ride. It can go up to 8 miles on a single charge. It also offers battery level indicators for easy monitoring and LED headlights. The Hover-1 Titan connects with the app allowing you to track your ride.

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Segway hoverboards

Segway hoverboards are generally larger in size and weight compared to other hoverboards, with some Segway hoverboards weighing 110 pounds. The sturdy build quality of Segway hoverboards means you can use them for rugged use such as off-roading. You can also use them for the daily commute or commercial use. The high-end Segway hoverboards can go up to 24 miles on a single charge. However, keep in mind that charging time can be up to three hours for a full recharge.

Some Segway hoverboards come with a knee control bar that allows users to squeeze their legs to turn the hoverboard. Other Segway models come with a handlebar for more precise handling. The price of Segway hoverboards makes them one the most expensive in this product category. Expect to spend $500-$1000 for a Segway hoverboard.    

Segway hoverboards pros

  • The Segway app offers several useful features such as vehicle self-diagnose for troubleshooting, remote control and anti-theft protection.
  • The Segway hoverboards can travel fast, with some models going up to 12 miles per hour.
  • A single change can get you 14 to 25 miles, depending on the model.  

Segway hoverboards cons

  • The high price of Segway hoverboards can be a sticking point with some price-sensitive buyers.  
  • The heavier weight of Segway hoverboards means they are not as portable as other hoverboards. Also, the larger size means they can be difficult to navigate in tight spaces.

Best Segway hoverboards

Segway Ninebot S

Segway Ninebot S

As one of the high-end hoverboards on the market, the Segway Ninebot S offers exceptional build quality, durability and is loaded with features. The knee handle allows for institutive handling and makes it easier for beginners to navigate the hoverboard. The product is ergonomically designed making it comfortable for longer commutes. The S-Max version comes with a larger motor and battery offering increased range and top speed.

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Should you get a Hover-1 or Segway hoverboard?

The choice of getting a Hover-1 or Segway hoverboard is going to depend on purpose and preferences. If you plan on using the hoverboard to commute to work or go off-roading, the Segway hoverboard offers more durability. It is also going to cost you more to get a Segway.  If you are looking for a more affordable and lightweight hoverboard for fun or light-duty commuting, the Hover-1 hoverboards offer decent functionality at a lower price. If budget is not an issue, the Segway is a better overall product, offering a smoother ride, better range and higher top speed compared to Hover-1 hoverboards.

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