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Which Deadpool plush is best?

Deadpool has always been popular, but the influx of fun Deadpool merchandise came primarily after his presence in pop culture rose with the releases of the two live-action “Deadpool” films. The iconic mercenary soldier without a mouth is not a character intended for kids, but cute Deadpool plush toys make good gifts for adult fans who are still kids at heart.

If you are looking for the best Deadpool plush for collectors, the Funko Deadpool Fabrikations Plush is the top choice. It is a highly-detailed plush sculpture to add to a collection of Funko Pop figures or other figures from the Fabrikations line.

What to know before you buy a Deadpool plush

Is Deadpool your favorite Marvel character?

There are so many Marvel characters to choose from that it could be difficult to narrow down the list. If Deadpool is not your favorite Marvel anti-hero or perhaps you are looking for a gift, consider widening your search to all the best Marvel characters.

Do you like stylized plush toys?

Many Deadpool plush toys have exaggerated features and abnormally large heads. However, if you are striving for a realistic representation of Deadpool, you are probably better off looking for figures or statues. The benefit of a highly-stylized plush is that it is cute and will put a smile on your face.

What suit is your favorite?

Over the years, Deadpool has had a variety of different styles and colors for his suits. Depending on which version of Deadpool you like best, you might want to find a Deadpool plush inspired by one of the many variations of Deadpool’s suit. You probably will not be able to find a plush for side characters unless they are very popular in their own right, like famous members of the X-Men. Generally, the more obscure your favorite suit or character, the harder it will be to find a plush. 

What to look for in a quality Deadpool plush


It is hard to make clear facial expressions when a mask is covering your face. Deadpool’s eyes have served to express his emotions in the comics. If the surface of the plush is a plain, neutral expression, it may not be what you are looking for. The best Deadpool plush toys have highly expressive eyes and an overall design that communicates emotion.


Deadpool’s suit is pretty simple in terms of colors and shapes. For a plush to be recognizably Deadpool, it must get the details right. Utility belts, weapons, the shapes of the fabric making up the mask and more can make a difference for the design to be clearly Deadpool.


It can be easy to get caught up in the appearance of plush toys and forget that one of the most important factors is that they need to be soft and squishy. If you plan to put your Deadpool plush on a shelf and never touch it again, this is of no concern. However, if you want to hug or squeeze a plush toy, it is important to consider the materials used before you buy.

How much you can expect to spend on a Deadpool plush

Size matters when it comes to Deadpool plush toys. You can probably find a simple small plush for under $25, but for collectibles and larger plushes, expect to fork over more cash.

Deadpool plush FAQ

Is there a good X-Force “Deadpool” plush?

Kidrobot X-Force Deadpool Plush

A. If you like the X-Force’s appearance, the Kidrobot X-Force Deadpool Plush is what you are seeking. There are other great variant suit plush toys out there too. Some X-Men suits make for good yellow or blue “Deadpool” plush toys that stand out from the usual red and black ones. Of course, those different suits are not to be confused with the rainbow assortment of “Deadpool” suits worn by different mercenary characters originally on the Mercs for Money team. Finally, if you are looking to build a “Deadpool” plush collection with Stingray, Slapstick, Solo, Terror, Foolkiller and Madcap, you might have trouble finding plush inspired by their suits.

Are there good plush toys for dogs?

squeaky Deadpool dog toys

A. A more expensive plush is probably not the best option for a dog toy. A simple, cheap Deadpool plush could double as a chew toy, but there are also plush toys intended for dogs, like squeaky Deadpool dog toys. If you get a Deadpool plush toy made for dogs to pick up and carry, it might be durable enough to last more than a day if you are lucky. 

What’s the best Deadpool plush to buy?

Top Deadpool plush

Funko Deadpool Fabrikations Plush

Funko Deadpool Fabrikations Plush

What you need to know: This Funko Deadpool has the style of a regular Funko Pop vinyl figure but is a little plush toy instead.

What you’ll love: It is a highly detailed plush sculpture figure with swords, belts and straps made from different materials attached to the iconic printed red and black suit. It is very stylized and expressive, despite only having two eyes shapes embroidered on the head. It stands at about 6 inches tall.

What you should consider: This is more of a valuable collector’s item for Deadpool or Funko Pop fans than a plush Deadpool you could cuddle.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Deadpool plush for the money

Kidrobot Sexy Deadpool Plush

Kidrobot Sexy Deadpool Plush

What you need to know: This playful Deadpool plush strikes a silly and charming pose, complete with a winking face and a rose, making it a potentially romantic gift for fans.

What you’ll love: The eyes are embroidered on, and the rest of the suit details are printed on the plush fabric. It is about 8 inches in length and designed to lay on its side in the same position. There are fake lips attached to the front of the mask to make Deadpool appear to be puckering his lips.

What you should consider: Some customers may find it too soft.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Deadpool 9-Inch Plush

Deadpool 9-Inch Plush

What you need to know: This simple Deadpool plush in a neutral pose could make a good addition to a plush collection, sitting beside other heroes and villains.

What you’ll love: The top of the head has a little loop for hanging the plush from a hook if desired. The fabric parts have printed patterns to match his suit, and the belts are printed on. The swords attached to his back are soft fabric, too, so there are no rough parts on the squishy plush.

What you should consider: The stitching durability is not the best.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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