OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – The summer travel season is in full swing, despite record-level numbers of flights being canceled or delayed and inflation hurting the pocketbooks of Americans across the country.

We spoke to Bill Bryson from Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel to see if rising costs of fuel and inflation are causing people to hold off on their trips, and he says they’re not seeing people stay home.

Bryson points out that travel prices have been high, but they are not seeing travel costs rise at the same pace that the prices at the gas pumps have.

“They have not come back to use yet and said ‘oh, we’re going to have to add a surcharge’ or anything. We haven’t had anybody do that to us. I think they’re still playing out the plans, I’m talking about the vendors, playing out the plans that they had and we’re not seeing huge spikes, or anything yet.”

Bill Bryson, Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel

Bryson says that prices are still higher than they were pre-pandemic. He recommends booking your trips as early as possible to get the lowest prices.