Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – It’s not even the holiday season yet, and travel is already facing major disruptions.

Southwest Airlines canceled thousands of flights over just the last few days—and that’s not even counting the constantly-changing COVID rules.

Aside from booking and flight delays, travelers have to deal with country-specific vaccination and testing procedures.

But Uniglobe in Wheeling says there are ways to stay sane for that Christmas trip.

Their first tip is to book early—so if you’re leaving town in December, you’ll need to get that booking as soon as possible.

Be prepared for what you have to do for COVID, since it changes nearly every day.

And lastly—be prepared for schedule changes.

Tight bookings are a bad idea with the nationwide personnel issues and more frequent cancellations.

The airlines are like everybody else, I mean they’re looking for help and they’ve got issues too, and they’re not flying half empty planes. So they cut routes and stuff like that, so availability may be more of a challenge than the cost of the flight.

Bill Bryson, Owner, Uniglobe Travel

On a more positive note—Bryson says it’s a fantastic time to go on a cruise.

The ships are only sailing at around 50 percent capacity, and customers are reporting that the service is better than ever.

He says in just a few months—they should have their entire fleet up and running again.

Now if you really want to get a feel for how the industry is operating—

Uniglobe has a travel expo from 1 to 4 on Saturday at the Highlands Event center, to hopefully make your vacation a little less stressful.