Hannibal, OH. (WTRF) – “It’s completely learning everything again. We’re doing some different things both offensively and defensively so it’s back to the chalkboard and a lot of teaching,” River Head Coach Mike Flannery said.

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Flannery has his sights set against Bellaire for the team’s season opener who he feels brings a lot to the table.

“It’s one game at at time and Bellaire we saw at media day recently and they looked like the Kansas City Chiefs. So, our main concern right now is that game 1. The fortunate thing for us this year is that we’re going to get two scrimmages in before we play them. Last year, we went in without any scrimmages as they didn’t have any either. So, we’re looking forward to our next two scrimmages coming up and hopefully that’ll be an indicator of what kind of team we are,” Flannery said.

River is a team that plays with a lot of underclassmen.

“…Probably five seniors; three of them are starters both ways: Brodie Longwell, the Kramer Twins – Austin and Avery. The kicker is back; Zack Holcutt (who is) one of the better kickers in the valley and Chase is back as an Offensive Lineman and Callie,” Flannery said.

The Pilots’ O and D lines has worked very hard in the offseason.

“Well, they worked very hard in the offseason and Coach James runs the weight room or us, so, we’re looking forward to getting these guys on the field and transferring everything from the weight room to the field,” Flannery said.

As mentioned earlier, River’s first game is against Bellaire.