WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF)-The Ohio Valley Athletic Conference All-Star Athletes go head-to- head this weekend, and a special event just kicked things off tonight. 

A room packed with star football players, cheerleaders, and queen of queen contestants mean the OVAC Annual Rudy Mum-ley All-Star Football Game is days away. 

It’s the 34th Annual George Strager Evening with the Stars. That means two big rivals, Ohio and West Virginia, are in the house. 

“Oh, this is such an exciting event. It’s kind of like the last hurrah from being in high school as these young people get ready to go on to college.” 

Dr. Dianna Fargo, Director of the Evening with the Stars 

Everyone in this room is either here for the star players going head-to-head in the 75th OVAC All-Star Game, or was an All-Star themselves 50 years ago.  

The banquet even recognizes Rudy Mumley. The OVAC All-Star Football is named after Mum-ley, and Executive Director Dirk DeCoy says Mum-ley’s the reason the All-Star players compete to this day.

“Rudy Mumley back in 1972 mortgaged his house to allow the kids to play this game. He lifted the torch 50 years ago, and tonight we celebrate him.”  

Dirk DeCoy, Executive Director of OVAC

That’s why DeCoy says it’s so important to remember him, and he encourages all football fans, young and old, to come out and show their support. 

“It’s the kick off season of football. We’re the first game. We’re before the NFL Hall of Fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We’re the first.  Football is big in the valley, so come on out.”  

Dirk DeCoy, Executive Director of OVAC

The game is at 7:15 this Saturday night. If you’d like to get tickets for the OVAC All-Star Game, go to OVAC.org.

But if you can’t make it, 7 News will be streaming it live on our website W-T-R-F-DOT-COM and our Facebook page.