Wheeling, W, Va. (WTRF) – Our very own Scott Nolte initiated the half marathon on 14th and Main. It wasn’t exactly the ideal weather for the folks in attendance. At the midsection of the race on Bethany Boulevard, West Liberty track’s Brendan Sands had the lead and he held on to it to win the entire thing.

“I run about 80 miles a week while I’m at my peak training so I cover the distance quite often especially with my long runs and what not but I just do a lot of track work, so, nothing half marathon – specific but I felt like I was prepared for it,” Ogden Winner Brendan Sands said.

Sands was tickled not just to win but also participate in his first Ogden race.

“Obviously, I run around here all of the time. I take my teammates and we run the streets of Wheeling so I know this place pretty well. It means a lot to come and run my first half-marathon here,” Sands said.

Runner-up Jared Ullom wore nothing but humility in regard to his second place finish.

“I didn’t think I was going to win. I thought Brendan was going to win and he did win but my goal was just to run a faster time that I did in 2018 (which) was the last time I ran it and I ran 8 minutes faster so I was happy with that,” Ullom said.

The first female finishers decided to cross the line as a pair. They are Charleston – based Heather Cleary and Aubrey Lemine.

“We decided this week just to come up here and run and it’s better with company. This course is extremely challenging and very hilly so we knew it would be better (with) company,” Cleary said.

Director Joe Lovell was pleased with the half – marathon’s return to the friendly city.

“We had a lot of people that came out for different races and they were all happy about it and I think it was a success. A lot of preparation went into this and I think it all came down and we’re in good shape,” Lovell said.