The 60th Daytona 500 provided yet another thrilling finish as Austin Dillon drove car number 3 into the winner’s circle 20 years after Dale Earnhardt drove his number 3 there for the first time.  

Dillon picked up his first win on the Monster Energy NASCAR Series last year in Charlotte. On Sunday he won the Daytona 500. He had one chance to make his dream come true and he was not going to fail.

“There’s not any more safe mode. It’s go, go, go. It’s like rolling down a bowling alley and hoping you don’t crash,” Dillon said.

Passing Aric Almirola on a final lap crash, Dillon was not even aware that the race was over until his radio said he was the winner.

And 20 years after Dale Earnhardt Sr put the 3 car into victory lane, Dillon has now done the same.

“Twenty years ago he was in Victory Lane. Fans want to see that 3 car do good. Anytime I come to Victory lane it feels right for me to be here and I know his fans do too,” Dillon said.

In 2015, Dillon was involved in a major crash at Daytona that threw his car into the catch fence.  But Sunday night he tore up the grass in the infield after a huge win.