SHADYSIDE, Ohio (WTRF) — The Shadyside Marching Band has more than doubled in size over the past two years.

There are 44 members in this year’s group, and if you see them in the band room, on the field or in the stands, one thing is obvious… these kids absolutely love what they do.

There are so many people in this years band. It’s brand new because the band has been kind of small since I had joined. My freshman year it was down to 20 people so seeing all of these people makes me really happy.

Hannah Mahaffee, Senior, Shadyside Marching Band

I love that we have more people that are interested and it’s not all about numbers, but I think my friends from middle school, they are now joining the band and I think they really like it also.

Paige Sinkinson, 7th Grade, Shadyside Marching Band

The half-time show includes a little bit of everything.

The show features a high-energy mix of songs from fairly recent movies.

That includes “Edge of Seventeen” from School of Rock, “Pray for Me” from Black Panther and “Mad World” from Donnie Darko.

There is also a drum-line break and a very entertaining dance number.

Although the show came together quickly, it took lots of work, including hours of practice in the hot sun.

The kids are more than happy to put forth the effort.

Band camp is a lot of work. It’s really hot outside for many hours of the day, but it’s always a fun experience at band camp, and getting to see our show change and get better throughout the year is a really good achievement.

Hannah Mahaffee, Senior, Shadyside Marching Band

They say the hard work pays off when they pull off a great performance on a Friday night.

It feels like you’re on top of the world. Really. It’s a good feeling.

Olivia Russell, Sophomore, Shadyside Marching Band

Bobby Moore has been at the helm of the Shadyside band for just over two years.

He says it’s a mix of fun and hard work that makes them successful.

It always kind of shocks me how many kids will just walk into the band room with another kid and go, “hey this one is going to join the band.” We get them to sign up. We keep pulling them in and I really think our best recruitment tool is just coming out and having a ton of fun and that’s what gets kids in the door.

Bobby Moore, Band Director

Congratulations to the Shadyside Tiger Marching Band.

They are this week’s CA House Band of the Week.