This year the St. Clairsville Marching Band used their imagination to come up with an amazing show that area crowds spellbound.

But in addition to putting on a stellar show, they are a competitive group as well.

They are one of the area’s hardest working bands.

They are the pride of Red Devil Country and this week’s Band of the Week.

“It’s like marching band meets musical theatre. We try to tell a story to the audience that the audience will follow and kind of be a part of.”

Justin Schwertferger, Band Director, St. Clairsville

Schwertferger is in his thirteenth year as band director at St. Clairsville. He says the 63 members in this year’s band are committed to putting on an unfogettable show every week. The theme for this years halftime performance is” Just my Imagination.”

“It’s about a little girl who has a magic crayon and when she draws things it comes to life. But when she draws too much it gets chaotic and bad things happen. But she finds a way to fix it.”

Leandra Hastings, Color Guard, St Clairsville Band

They pull out all of the stops with precise movements, amazing musicians and stunning visuals.
But pulling it all together is the trick.

“First you start with all of your music. So we have to perfect all of our music and then we have to perfect our drills, which is moving around the field and making every set look perfect. And putting those two things together is the hardest thing.”

Clare McMillen, Senior, Drumline, St. Clairsville Band

You can check out their next their amazing show at their next home game on Friday night, October 6 when they take on Union Local.