BARNESVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) — If the early 2000s seems like a long time ago, how about the late ’70s?

The Barnesville Shamrocks aren’t turning to today’s hits for their 20-23 show…they’re getting out their CDs and records.

They’ll be premiering a selection of pop songs from the turn of the millennium Friday at Shamrock Stadium…and have just retired a setlist of ABBA favorites.

But no matter what they play, an enthusiastic audience is ready to listen.

“It feels great being in front of everybody with people who we’ve been practicing so hard to get to where we are.”

Emma Doherty, Clarinet player, Fourth year in marching band

The 31-member band hasn’t stopped roll-stepping for nearly three months.

Director Devin Blair says they’ve been practicing and taking part in parades since July.

And with the amount of work it takes to twirl, march and harmonize in time, the members say it becomes less like an after-school activity and more like a family.

“There’s new people all the time. And I like performing with all my friends, and it’s a really nice experience to have.”

Sydney Carpenter, Senior, Color Guard member

The group includes players in 7th all the way up through 12th grades.

With such a wide variety of marching and playing experience throughout the membership, they’re grateful to their teachers for polishing up their flashy footwork.

“I dedicate everything to Mr. Blair, Mr. Stafford, and especially Ms. Jones. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, so thank you.”

Grayson Aller, Color Guard member

Congratulations to the Shamrocks—and best of luck on your second show of the year.