RAYLAND, Ohio (WTRF) – A huge part of what makes the Friday night lights so exciting is the marching band setting the atmosphere with their music. 

This year, 7News is happy to bring back “Band of the Week” to showcase some of the best musicians in the area. 

For the first week, we’re marching along with Buckeye Local. They are the C.A. House Band of the Week. 

The group of people we have this year is better than the past couple years. We’ve been getting so much work done and I’m just so excited to have this final year.

Sian Tetley, Senior Trumpet Player

The Buckeye Local High School Panther Marching band is growing in members and talent this year. 

Of course, they’re excited to show the crowds what’s come of their hard work. 

Just halftime, seeing the crowd roar and all the shining lights and just to be with my friends.

Emily McDiffitt, Senior Alto Saxophone Player

Under the shining lights, the around100-member band will bring a big sound and plenty of energy. 

I’m super excited, but also very sad because I know I’m going to have to leave them after this year; but I’m very glad to do it with such hardworking, dedicated people.

Cai McKeever, Senior Field Commander

For the nearly 30-senior members this season is bittersweet. 

The fact that this is going to be my last year of school is really overwhelming. Many people I know are going to be living different lives after this, but I’ll always have them in my heart. 

Jacob Watt, Senior Trumpet Player

It’ll be their last season marching as one after years together, but they also have high praise for the younger members who will carry on the tradition of the Buckeye Local Marching Band.

This is something that I’ve done forever. I’ve done it for a long time and it’s just like a piece of you will be missing after this year.

Makayla Higgins, Senior Mellophone Player

If you’d like to see the band perform in person, they’ll be joining the football team at Union Local on Friday night. The game starts at 7:00 p.m.